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MinistryCPA Special Topic: The Missionary and International Banking

WWNTBM* is a missions agency serving over 100 missionaries in more than 80 locations world wide. It seeks to assist its missionaries in every way possible. One of the ways it does that is to offer multiple banking options, in order to best meet missionaries’ individual needs. We at MinistryCPA have asked one of WWNTBM’s representatives to share the following information with our readers. Did you know that there are many ways a missionary can receive his support other than receiving a check in the mail? Technology has so progressed in this area that we no longer have to go to the bank daily to stand in line waiting to make deposits or send money. We can send funds all over the world right from our computer. It is so much faster and more efficient. Some of the ways we at WWNTBM are able to assist our missionaries with their banking needs are described below. ✦   International Wire The missionary chooses a bank in his country and we wire directly from our bank to his bank. We use a