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1099-MISC Ministers and 403(b) Plans

Question : I am treated as a 1099-MISC self-employed contractor by my U.S. mission agency. Should I consider establishing and contributing to a 403(b) retirement plan? Am I eligible?  Answer : This blog post will deal with the issue concerning a self-employed minister’s eligibility to establish a 403(b). Please bear with the very technical nature of this post. Starting with IRS Publication 571 , Tax-Sheltered Annuity Plans (403(b) Plans) , we see two conflicting statements when taken at face value. First Statement: “The following ministers are eligible employees for whom a 403(b) account can be established… Self-employed ministers. A self-employed minister is treated as employed by a tax-exempt organization that is a qualified employer.” Second Statement: “Who Can Set Up a 403(b) Account? … A self-employed minister cannot set up a 403(b) account for his or her benefit. If you are a self-employed minister, only the organization (denomination) with which you are