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Top 10: Factors to Consider when Onboarding Church Employees

  This is another posting in the MinistryCPA Top 10 series: When integrating new employees into a church, leaders can become overwhelmed with the onboarding process. In churches, several different factors need to be considered on the first day of work, as well as some information that should be communicated to the employee. We have compiled a list of some of the factors that a church should consider when hiring and onboarding a new employee.   1. Clear communication about job expectations When onboarding new employees it is vital that they understand their responsibilities and learn about the church. Giving the employee a job description can be a great help to them. Having clear information about their job responsibilities as well as clear descriptions of their co-workers' jobs can help the new employee understand who to go to in different situations. For example, a new church bookkeeper may not know if he or she is supposed to collect information for payroll. The pastoral role wou

Form 941 and 944 Overview

Forms 941 and 944 are both used to report payroll expenses and taxes to the IRS. The forms include information such as total wages paid, number of employees, income taxes withheld, group term life insurance, sick pay, tips, Social Security taxes (employer and employee portions), and Medicare taxes (employer and employee portions). These forms report the total liability that the employer owes to the IRS. Both forms have the same purpose, but there are a few differences.  Even though the forms are used for the same purpose, there is one main difference. Form 941 is filed quarterly and is the standard payroll reporting form that employers use. Form 944 is filed annually and can only be filed by employers who have less than $1,000 in payroll tax liabilities.  If your organization... Has employees Has more than $1,000 in Federal Tax liability (Federal income withholdings, Medicare, and Social Security) Has not received permission from the IRS to file Form 944 Then you should file Form 941 q