February 19, 2013

MinistryCPA Special Topic: QuickBooks Year-End Giving Statements

Quickbooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier are great tools in helping churches stay on top of their finances. However, one setback with this software is that it does not come with a pre-installed year-end donor contribution report feature. A church which uses QuickBooks has two options, then, to prepare these statements:
  • Install an add-on to QuickBooks which will accomplish this task.
  • Use a separate, outside program to track donor giving.
MinistryCPA is currently aware of two add-on programs for donor reports:
We tested both of these add-on features (they each have a free trial version). Microsoft Excel is needed to run both of them. From our tests, the Donor Statements from Big Red had better usability, seemed to provide better support, and allowed for better customization as well.

If a church or non-profit organization chooses to purchase QuickBooks with an add-on, it must make sure to read the add-on instructions thoroughly to understand data input requirements in order for QuickBooks to prepare year-end statements.


  1. Beyond the Ledger could not pull the data out of QuickBooks so it did not work, Big Red is very complicated, could pull data, just not accurately and the only form of communication is via email which is time consuming and in the end non-productive so we had to give up on that one too. We still have had no luck getting the data out effectively.

  2. Michelle,

    Thank you for pointing that out. This post was made almost two years ago, so it is safe to assume that functions have certainly changed.

    MinistryCPA has not tested these functions in two years.