February 11, 2013

Online Payroll Services for Churches


Can you recommend an online payroll processing service for churches?


We are not aware of any services that specifically target churches at this time. Existing services such as Paychecks, ADP, and Intuit's Paycycle are not always familiar with the unique characteristics of ministerial vs. non-ministerial compensation. MinistryCPA does not offer an online payroll processing service. However, we have been able to assist multiple churches to process their own payrolls. This last year, MinistryCPA aided 26 churches in preparing quarterly and annual payroll reports in cooperation with the work of their own personnel.

Ministries interested in a personal consultation should post a blog inquiry with suggested time(s) that will be best to call at a phone number they should provide. Also, they typically provide a website address for the organization, if available. The ministry's website may help us to understand the nature of the organization and whether we might be qualified to serve it.

We respond with a suggested phone appointment time, cost information, and disclosures that we as CPAs are required to make when we provide consultation services.


  1. Great post, Corey!

    What exactly does a church need to have specifically that a normal or online payroll service doesn't specifically provide?

    I'm asking because we are in Arkansas and have made our payroll program accommodate farmers with multiple sources of income. We want to provide a great service to all businesses, and this post really got my gears turning about how different businesses can benefit from a customized payroll system.

    An example might be that you need to Geo-locate your workers when they clock in from their cell phones if they are doing missionary or other ministry work in another city or even overseas. This feature was originally made for construction contractors to keep track of their subordinates.

    I'm extremely interested in hearing what churches may need to have a customized payroll solution that will help their business! Please email me at greg@tcoa.net or just comment on my post, as I am following it and your blog from now on! Keep up the great posts.

  2. An online service must be prepared to respond to unique ministerial provisions, for example: housing allowance designations and Form W-2 disclosures.