July 18, 2013

MinistryCPA Special Topic: Introducing God's Way of Giving

First, God gives. Then, Christians respond to His generosity (1) by giving Him thanks, (2) by giving to God’s work and His workers, and (3) by giving to others. You may not find a more succinct, yet comprehensive, framework for God’s Way of Giving in the Bible than that found in Deuteronomy 26.1-13.

God is the model giver—without equal. There are more than 735 specific references in the Scriptures to giving. Well over half relate to giving by God to men.

         James said (1.17) “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.” God is the originator of every good and perfect gift.

         Peter said (II Peter 1.2-3) that God has “given unto us all things that pertain unto [our] life (physically, materially, socially) and godliness (spiritually).”

Over the next weeks and months, as time permits, MinistryCPA will share with our readers our understanding from the Bible of God’s Way of Giving. We will do so in our standard, Question and Answer format.

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